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PWS series pure water supply system can combine with any brand麓s water purification system to supply pure water for specific equipment, for example, cleaning machine, biochemical analyzer, immunoassay analyzer, constant temperature and humidity chamber, salt spray test chamber, dampening machine, printing machine, laser engraving machine, cooling device and etc. It also could be used for the central water supply.

Suitable for short distance and small amount of pure water麓s supply;

Suitable for long distance and large amount of pure water麓s supply.

Features and Advantages

  • Independent power control and automatic operation, easy to install, use and maintain;
  • Integrate level control, pressure pump, buffer tank and inlet valves together;
  • It is unnecessary to connect to the circuit of pure water main-body. It can run automatically according to liquid lever of the tank.
  • Optional UV lamp module, to restrain bacteria鈥檚 increase and reduce TOC.


Model PWS I-T100R-P12-3G * PWS -200S-4008 **
Shape & volume of tank Roundness: 100, 200 liters
Square:80,120, 200 liters
Roundness: 500, 1000, 2000 liters
Square: 200 liters
Material of tank HDPE (High-density polyethylene)
Specifications of pump Maximum flow rate 3, 5, 7, 10, 12 liters/min (Optional) 70, 100 liters/min (Optional)
Vertical self-priming height 2 meters 2 meters
The rated stop pressure 0.45Mpa卤0.4Mpa 0.3Mpa卤0.4Mpa, 0.35Mpa卤0.4Mpa
Max pressure/pump lift About 0.8Mpa/80meters About 0.3Mpa/30meters, About 0.35Mpa/35 meters
Volume of buffer tank 12 liters 1 liter
*Introduction of PWS I-T100R-P12-3G: "T100"-volume of tank:100 liters, "R"-shape of tank: roundness, "P12"-flow rate:12 liters/min, "3G"-volume of buffer tank: 3 gallon.
**Introduction of PWS II-T200S-4008: "T200"-volume of tank: 200 liters, "S"-shape of tank: square, "4008"-flow rate:70 liters/min.

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